Where the Uncommon Meets the Eye
The Roads Edge Notecard Set 3
bay, wampum 1 bay, wampum 2 bay, wampum 3 bay, wampum 4 bay, wampum 5

SET 3: Bay, Wampum

These paintings came from a simple but pure love of wampum. Remember wampum? With those purples and cream whites inside clam shells and a surface that has been worn down by the ocean? Starting with these colors and then applying and sanding successive layers of paint (much the same way the ocean wears down the shells), each painting magically began to resemble its own seascape. The images chosen for each card are details of the individual paintings.
Card Size: 4.25 x 5.5 inches
Design:Description of the Variation concept on back. Blank Inside.
Packaging: Translucent envelopes included
Images in Set: 5

Set of 5 / $10
Set of 10 / $17

tax and shipping not included