Where the Uncommon Meets the Eye
The Roads Edge Notecard Set 3
monoprint 1 monoprint 2 monoprint 3 monoprint 4 monoprint 5

SET 1: The Monoprints

A series of monoprints exploring what certain times of the day, during certain times of the calendar year, look like. On the back of each card there is a beautifully-written description of what the artist was seeing when creating these stunning abstracts. Cards fold out for a larger experience of each image.
Card Size: 4.25 x 5.5 inches
Design:Description of the Variation concept on back. Blank Inside.
Packaging: Translucent envelopes included
Images in Set: 5

Set of 5 / $10
Set of 10 / $17

tax and shipping not included