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Look at this image. What do you see? Children have great imaginations … Adults tend to get a little tight. Let your eyes play, just go with it. And thank you for taking the challenge to see things differently!

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A back of a man in a suit turning his head, smoking a pipe…lol…I don't see it anymore…but that's what I first saw!

I immediately saw a stack of logs. Not evenly placed (my OCD issues) and a skeletal head peering out. Don't forget the wide mouth bass looking on from the bottom. I asked my daughter, 7, and her response was simple: "a brick wall, why?"

A footless monk; his hands tucked into his robe, a skullcap on his head, and a cigarette protruding from the right side of his mouth.

A man in a long coat.

I see a Chinese woman in a kimono walking to the right with her hands in her wide sleeves. Her head is bowed as she walks. On the bottom left, I see a Gila monster following her (as her protector and loyal pet). Top right, where her head would be, are her thoughts of an American jazz trumpeter, who she fell in love with years earlier, while serving tea at a private party. She thinks of him often. The thoughts bring her both happiness and a feeling of longing. And that's what I see in this picture.

A man in a robe.

A man in a robe with sunglasses on maybe holding a pipe? Looking over his right shoulder.

A man in a suit, turning his head around to look back, and a newspaper on the ground to the left.

A man walking to the right.

A monk looking to his left with his arms under his robe across his stomach.

A Priest and a frog.

A really poorly maintained bus terminal restroom.

A stack of firewood and a man's head on top. Too many years feeding a wood stove, I guess.

An Asian (style) man in a robe with a pipe looking away from us.

An Asian man walking to the right and a small animal following.

I see a monk with his arms crossed under his robe looking down the track for the next train.

A balloon floating by a tower.

Charlie Chaplin waits for the subway, holding his hat in his hands. He looks down the tracks and doesn't notice he's dropped his newspaper behind him.

Chipped away subway tiles…but they kinda look like boobie imprints…overall the chipped away area looks like a figure.

Decapitated obama.

I definitely see a piranha in the lower left corner…watch out!!

I see a man walking in the fog.

I see a man's body made out of cross sections of tree trunks. The man is either smoking a pipe or has a very long skeletal finger coming out of his mouth. I asked my son what he saw and he said Hitler. My husband says he sees nothing. I say it is time for a family therapy session! LOL!

I see a profile of a man with sideburns in a robe facing a wall with a pipe in his mouth.

I see a zombie.

I see an Al Hirschfeld character smoking a pipe.

I see the back of a monk's cloak - the bulge to the right is his clasped hands within the robe. He has just been decapitated without warning. His head is turning back towards the viewer as a result of the sudden, savage blow and is already losing substance - its morphing, ethereal nature is a testament to his saintly mortal existence.

It is a monk.

It's like a pen & ink drawing … there's someone in a down coat who's cold (see how it's hunched up). And there's a face up there with floppy dark hair over the forehead and dark eyebrows and a moustache and … it's Hitler.

Looks like a guy in a tuxedo with his head turned around. He looks like he's throwing up on the ground.

Looks like one of the Blue Meanies from Yellow Submarine!!

Man in a black suit with his back to us and a big jaw on a tightrope.


Side profile of a man … at first glance.

The seventies??

The side of a man's face - body of stone, or logs.

This is a good one…so much to see…here goes; I see the back view of a man wearing a beautiful kimono and a 3/4 view of his head where he's wearing a patch over his right eye! : ) … may I also mention the alligator's snout poking out of the lower left corner of the tiled area : ))) Phew … not sure if I need a drink or a shrink! : )))

The best admin ever.


A bouncer.

A drain with water leaking out of it. I have no imagination or creativity.

A small kid laughing. But wow what sharp teeth he has. Why the he? Looks like whatever made him smile gave him a woody also.

A water stain.

An alien!

An astronaut : - ))

Big Screaming Baby -- Gimmie Wawa NOWWWWW!

Con Ed manhole…

First impression was a small child with its hand out…Second, more whimsical impression was Mr. Magoo.

I see a little boy in a space suit walking across the surface of Mars, tentatively - toward a girl he really likes, while holding a daisy in his left, outstretched hand.

I see a profile of Linus from the Peanuts standing there with his mouth open, saying something probably to Charlie…

It looks like an old-school scuba diver.

Lloyd Bridges in Sea Hunt.

ET's younger brother.

The pee of a homeless man.

The reflection of a one-armed alien.

The bullhorn of a protester.

A teenager with a really bad orthodonist.

I see a reflection of someone or something that reminds me of E.T.

Jasper laughing and walking …

Reminds me of the character Big Daddy of the xbox game Bioshock. He is a dangerous and mean SOB.

The best admin ever.


A man seated on a bench waiting for a bus?

A beautiful wall; a nice photograph with good abstract composition (black frame below). A profile of a man with a small nose wearing a little hat.

A flat-headed guy with no legs and no arms yet he is smiling and has completely black eyes he is noseless, and I am 10 years old.

A man sitting in a chair.

A man walking with a briefcase.

A man who see opportunity out there … he is about to take flight.

A patch of sidewalk and the edge of a metal frame that is an opening into the sidewalk. Of course you've rotated the pix to give it a new point of view and it shows off some pretty colors.

Tin Tin, during a moment of self-doubt.

A pharaoh sitting on a throne.

A wall in Tuscany, Italy where artificial rock and a picture frame were added as art.

A window that is blocked and a human (man). I am 5 years old.

An ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, faded, only a faint outline of a man discernable sitting in a chair. Time marches on … and someone placed a door to a heat riser that is behind the wall.

An Egyptian person.

An old man who is 100 years old.

An Egyptian Pharaoh.

An Incan ruler sitting in a chair.

Cleopatra on her throne.

Easter Island statue escaped to sit on a chair.

Egyptian male.

I see a man with a flattop haircut sitting in a chair!

I see "Flat Stanley" carrying a framed piece of artwork (yours of course). If you don't know who "flat stanley" is ask a six year old.

I see 2 birds flying near a funky building.

I see a boy or an animal (I'm not sure if it's a bear or a seal) standing. There is a sad or contemplative look in his eye. It looks like he is checking something out. It looks a lot like a seal…

I see a bulldozer trying to push its way through a mountain as it runs away from a volcano.

I see a man with a flat top sitting on a toilet with a pencil-thin mustache.

I see a mummy encased in a wall and needs to be freed. I also see the pavement from the angle of laying on my right side and looking out across the pavement at the cracks and the embedded steel frame, etc. Lastly, this pavement photo might represent the state of NJ and how it is losing all of its farmland.

I see a patron of the Cedar Tavern waiting patiently for the star waitress to deliver his special fru fru drink…

I see a person rising up out of a picture frame. He has a hunched back, is smiling and has shiny eyes. He is watching a sparrow and a seagull.

I see a person sitting in a chair.

I see a Pharaoh sitting on his throne (with trim made out of chocolate) and watching a performance.

I see a teenage boy with a flat-top haircut and he's intently staring at … just-a-nose!

I see a wall (and an interesting one at that).

I see an Egyptian sitting on a throne (in profile).

Just saw a special on 1000 year old church construction. This looks like an old church wall…

King Tut.

I see a wall and a picture frame.

A crooked i. I am 5 years old.

Person peeing behind a wall.

The profile of a young woman with slight bangs and long hair falling over her shoulder on the left. She has a small sharp nose, mouth closed but relaxed and her eye is under her bang.

WWI German soldier.